Greg Hurtz, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: Psychometric Theory and Practice; Modeling, Measuring, and Predicting Work Performance; Statistical Methods; Monte Carlo Research Methods

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Graduate Lab Members

Hang Hoang (BA, 2016; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Personality Tests, Test Development and Validation, Work Performance, Job Analysis, Recruitment/Employee Selection

Joined Lab: Fall 2015 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: N/A (Full-Time Student).

Oscar Rios (BA, 2017; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Personnel Assessment, Leadership Development, Development of Psychometric Measures

Joined Lab: Fall 2016 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: CA Dept of Justice, Office of Human Resources/Testing & Selection Unit

Melissa Storz (BA, 2018; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Cognitive Ability Measurement, Employee Selection/Recruitment, Job Analysis Methods, Personality in the Workplace

Joined Lab: Fall 2017 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: Biddle Consulting Group

Brian Knox (BA, 2014; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Job Analysis Methods, Licensing Examination Development, Item Response Theory, Leadership Development

Joined Lab: Spring 2018 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: CA Dept of Consumer Affairs, Office of Professional Examination Services

Yohana Medina (BA, 2017; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Personality Tests; Test Development and Validation, Recruitment/Employee Selection, Cross-cultural Measurement

Joined Lab: Fall 2018 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: Marrone Bio Innovations.

Regi Mucino (BA, 2018; Current I-O Graduate Student)

Interests: Personality Testing; Employee Selection; Competition, Dominance, and Stress in the Workplace

Joined Lab: Fall 2018 Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Employment: Instructional Student Assistant.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Jason Underwood

Interests: Employee Selection, Performance Feedback, Workplace Optimization, Data Analysis

Joined Lab: Fall 2018 Expected Graduation: Fall 2018

Employment: Biddle Consulting Group

Charles Bonfert

Interests: Personality Theories, Employee Selection, Job Analysis, Training and Development

Joined Lab: Fall 2018 Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Employment: N/A (Recently Returned From Study Abroad)

Past Lab Members

These individuals either served as active research assistants or devoted their master's theses to a portion of Dr. Hurtz' ongoing research

Listed (at least roughly) in reverse chronological order

Vanessa Alejos: Circumplex Personality Research; Contextualized Personality Tests

John Holt: Work Ethic Measurement

Marcus Vadnais: Inductive Reasoning Measures; Work Ethic Measurement

Sam Brinkley: Personality and Driving Behavior; Situational Judgment in Driving

Megan Morgan: Situational Judgment in Driving

Charles Strike: IRT in Standard Setting

Ruxandra Turcu: Response Distortion on Personality Tests

Karen Phillips: IRT Parameter Estimation

Sharisse Dy: Task-KSAO Linkages in Job Analysis

Justin Carroll: Inductive Reasoning Measures; IRT Parameter Estimation; Monte Carlo Methods; Driver Training Evaluation

Daniella Echeveste: Inductive Reasoning Measures; Rasch Measurement; Driver Training Evaluation

Heather Huhtala: Inductive Reasoning Measures

Bryan Byington: IRT in Job Analysis; Inductive Reasoning Measures

Megan Pierce: Contextualized Personality Tests

Victor Muh: Circumplex Personality Research

Wil Godsave: Personality and Work Ethic

Chau Nguyen: Job Analysis Rating Scales

Devika Tandan: Standard Setting

Joshua Whitten: Contextualized Personality Tests

Derek Pasisz: Inter-Rater Agreement; Standard Setting

Eva Mireku: Employee Development

Christian Jones: IRT in Standard Setting

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Our lab requires personal initiative, active involvement, and a genuine interest in all phases of research (planning, preparing, executing, analyzing, writing, presenting). We usually have a small number of heavily-involved lab members. We select assistants who will move things forward without being pushed; who won't just wait for further instruction but will ask questions and make suggestions and offer potential strategies and solutions.

The primary focus is for students to learn new knowledge and skills and gain research experience, in order to supplement their classroom education. But we also want to produce significant output in terms of disseminating our research findings (conference presentations, publications). This will happen if the student lab members are actively involved and share the goal of being a productive lab.

We have semi-regular (weekly/bi-weekly) all-lab meetings either in-person on campus or through web conferencing (Zoom), and communicate regularly through a group e-mail address. Subgroups working on specific projects also communicate regularly among themselves. We have a central lab office in Amador Hall, Room 203, that can be used for small meetings, data scanning/ cleaning/ analysis, and for storing research materials.

If this sounds like a lab experience you want, and that you can make a substantial contribution to, please download and complete the Research Assistant Application/Survey and submit it to Dr. Hurtz at While we may not have immediate openings or needs, we will note your interests and skills in case of future needs for new lab members.